To offer traditional telecommunications services to customers, you must delineate the specific certain terms and conditions associated with the use of those services. These are highly regulated, both by the federal government via the Federal Communications Commission and by state governments, usually via Public Utility Commissions. 

In order to regulate these issues, the government requires telecom companies to file their terms and conditions and a list of charges for traditional telecom services, forming an open agreement between the consumer and the service provider. These filings are called “tariffs.”

Telecommunication Tariffs Lawyer

If you are a telecom company wishing to offer traditional services in any of the states that regulate those services, it is very important that your tariff be accurately filed and fully reflect your intent, or the process might be significantly slower than you anticipated. Telecommunications lawyer Ben Bronston can assist you with your tariff filings. 

Ben Bronston is an acclaimed telecom attorney with a national reputation for excellence and more than 20 years of practice experience in the field. He will apply his expansive knowledge of telecommunications regulation and business to assisting you in the filing of your tariffs, or deal with any legal issues that may arise from a filing. Call 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation.

Ben Bronston – Telecom/IT Lawyer assists companies across the globe with tariff filings in the United States.

Information on Telecom Tariffs

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Requirements for Tariffs

A tariff is meant as an open agreement between the telecommunications company and the public. Telecommunication companies are required to cover the cost of the services they provide, and the tariff ensures they are able to do this. The tariff will list how much users will be charged for telephone services.

The charges in the tariff must be sufficient cover the actual cost of the calls, maintenance and any indirect costs of providing the telecommunications services.

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Content of Telecom Tariffs

Each state may have its own requirements for what a tariff is required to contain. Your telecommunications lawyer can review the tariff and ensure it meets the standards for the state where you will be operating in.

Typical required content might include:

  • A list of cities, counties or areas where the company will be providing service;
  • A schedule of all rates to be charged;
  • The terms and conditions or other rules and regulations that will apply for the service; and
  • The actual service agreement form.

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Procedures for Filing Tariff

Every state will have its own procedures for filing a tariff. There is often some sort of public notice required, which your company will be expected to submit. The state’s Public Utilities Commission or equivalent body will review the tariff to determine whether it meets the standards and the law of the state.

With the patchwork of state regulations, it’s important to have qualified telecom counsel drafting and reviewing all of your filings. An inadequate or incorrect tariff filing can lead to significant delays and headaches, which could severely impact your ability to strike while the iron is hot to get into a state and best be able to compete.

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Assisting Telecom Companies With Tariffs

Tariffs are a necessary step to offer traditional telecom services in those states that regulate such services. It’s important to file a tariff that accurately reflects the intent of your business, and it’s important to timely follow all the required steps for your filing. Telecommunications lawyer Ben Bronston has more than 20 years of experience assisting telecommunications companies with government regulations and filings, including tariffs. He can assist you. Call 888.469.0579 today to set up a consultation to discuss your tariff filing.

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