Cloud / Hosted Providers

Companies have to deal with profound amounts of data and information, and they have to be able to share that information, quickly and, often, with employees, colleagues and clients around the world. To accomplish this, many companies turn to cloud computing and hosted providers.

When you are providing a place for a person to store their data, you are handling critical matters for them. If you are a cloud or hosted provider, it’s very important that the contracts you form with customers cover every imaginable contingency. It’s also important to be aware of the many legal issues that can arise from use of cloud and hosted services.

Lawyer for Cloud and Hosted Services

In the burgeoning world of hosted and cloud services, it’s important to have your legal bases covered. An attorney with an advanced knowledge of the issues who continually keeps ahead of the curve on developing technology can help make sure your agreements and contracts meet your needs.

Ben Bronston has practiced for more than 20 years in telecommunications field, and has seen the rise of cloud and hosted providers. He is a nationally recognized expert in the field of telecom law, and has worked with cloud and hosted services. He is able to represent you. Call Ben Bronston – Telecom/IT Lawyer today at 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation.

Issues for Cloud and Hosted Services

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Legal Issues for Hosted and Cloud Computing Providers

Customers for cloud and data hosting services are relying a great deal on the ability of their service to provide secure services that are readily available. Contracts for these services must keep these issues in mind.

For instance, if a service is unavailable for a time due to circumstances by no fault of any of the parties, such as during a hurricane, blizzard, earthquake or other natural disaster, is the customer credited for those lack of services? How will the customer be credited, and for how long? If there is a breach of security, who is liable?

A skilled telecom attorney can carefully draft and review contracts between providers and customers. As your lawyer, Ben Bronston will negotiate on your behalf and fight for your best interests. He will seek to make sure that you, as the provider, are protected from liability from things completely out of your control.

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Regulatory Issues of Cloud and Hosted Providers

The regulations surrounding cloud and data hosting services are in flux and developing over time. It is likely that more rules and regulations will be put in place in the future, especially pertaining to privacy and security. It is critical for providers to stay on top of laws to ensure they are not penalized for breaking new regulations.

Ben Bronston continually reviews new laws pertaining to telecommunications and determines how they may affect his clients. He can advise you on how to stay in compliance with this developing field.

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Representing Cloud and Data Hosting Providers Worldwide

You can have a telecom law expert with more than two decades of experience advising and representing you if you are a cloud or hosted provider. Telecommunications lawyer Ben Bronston can assist you with developing agreements with clients and help you stay on top of regulations. Call today 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation.

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