Interconnects (i.e. phone equipment vendors) and systems integrators are often grouped into a single category called value-added resellers (VARs). As a VAR, it’s very important that your customer agreements are well-drafted and cover all the important issues which typically arise in your dealings with customers. This is particularly applicable since most customers view their phone vendor, system integrator, etc. to be their actual phone (and sometimes IT) company – whenever there’s a service or technical issue, the customer picks up the phone and calls its VAR.

Lawyer for VARs

Moving to the cloud creates a whole new set of business and legal issues for VARs. VARs are used to dealing with the technical aspects of selling equipment, and their business model generally involves a single up-front payment (sometimes combined with regular payments thereafter for service contracts).

In the new environment, VARs need to adjust their business model and to understand the level of risk involved with a “host” of new issues, including terms of service, service level agreements (SLAs), privacy policies, acceptable use policies, fraud policies, 911, etc. These terms of a contract can be the difference between a profitable long term arrangement and a business disaster. In this rapidly changing industry, the legal and business counsel of an experienced VAR attorney is crucial, particularly a VAR attorney who stays ahead of the curve regarding technological and regulatory developments.

Ben Bronston has practiced for more than 20 years in telecommunications field, and has witnessed first-hand the issues confronted by VARs on a daily basis. He is a nationally recognized expert in the field of telecom law, and has served as a VAR lawyer for over two decades. Call Ben Bronston – Telecom Lawyer today at 888.469.0579 to arrange a free consultation.

Issues for VARs

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Legal Issues for VARs

Customers rely on their phone vendors, system integrators, VARs, etc. for their phone service. Contracts for these services must be kept current to reflect state-of-the-art technologies and changing delivery methods. For instance, if a customer’s phone service is unavailable for a time due to circumstances by no fault of any of the VAR, do you have to issue a credit to the customer? What if there’s a breach of security or fraud – who is liable?

A skilled VAR lawyer like Ben Bronston can carefully draft and review contracts between providers and customers. As your lawyer, Ben Bronston will negotiate on your behalf and fight for your best interests. He will seek to make sure that your VAR business is protected from liability from things completely out of your control.

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Typical VAR Projects

Your VAR business is expanding into the cloud and you have been approached by other agents about entering into either a relationship where they sell under your umbrella, or a partnering/teaming sales arrangement. You need a template agreement that protects your interest and gives both of you an incentive to work together to grow the business.

You are expanding your VAR product line to include data center space and services. Various data centers have sent you their standard sales partner agreement. You need a lawyer who can effectively and efficiently review the contracts, amend them to protect your interest, and help you build your business.

A service provider who you do business with has been acquired by a larger carrier that has a different commission structure and different philosophy about channel partners. The new carrier ignores the language of your contract with the predecessor company and reduces your commission payments on existing customers, or just stops paying commission. What should you do?

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Representing VARs Nationwide

You can have a telecom law expert with more than two decades of experience advising and representing your VAR business. VAR lawyer Ben Bronston can assist you with developing agreements with clients and help you stay on top of current VAR issues. Call today 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation.

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