Carriers and Resellers

Carriers and resellers are companies that actually provide telecommunication services to customers, creating a network to transmit data and voice. Carriers usually own some of all of the switches in that network. Resellers usually do not, but sell excess services with certain value adds, like customer service and billing reports.

As providers of telecommunication services, carriers and resellers face a myriad of regulatory, compliance and licensing issues. They must also engage in large, complex transactions.

Lawyer for Telecom Carriers and Resellers

Ben Bronston has practiced telecommunications law for more than two decades, and is recognized across the United States and an expert in the field. He can represent your telecommunications carrier or telecommunications reseller company, providing you with the advice and representation you seek.

He can represent you on regulatory matters and negotiations with the expertise of a telecommunications attorney with more than 20 years of experience. Get the benefit of having that knowledge on your side. Call Ben Bronston today at 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation.

Carrier and Reseller Legal Issues

Legal Issues for Carriers

There are significant regulatory and licensing issues that carriers face from both the Federal Communications Commission and from state Public Utility Commissions. An attorney can help guide you through these complicated issues.

Additionally, carriers must enter into agreements and contracts with customers, vendors and other parties, to engage in transactions. By having an experienced telecommunications attorney on your side, you will have someone knowledgeable drafting and guiding these agreements. This can help you avoid disputes in the future. However, if disputes do arise having a well drafted agreement can put you on the right footing to deal with them.

Legal Issues for Resellers

Resellers, including prepaid calling card providers, may not be operating the actual facilities they are using, but they are still selling telecommunication services. This means they are providers and must comply with numerous regulatory and licensing requirements. Your lawyer can assist your company in determining what licenses you must obtain and what filings you must make.

Transactions for resellers may also require drafting card and point of sale disclaimers, disclosure language, and wholesale and distributor agreements. Legal Counsel that understands the telecommunication resellers’ business is best able to draft these important documents.


One of the most significant issues occurring in telecom law right now is competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) attempting to compete with incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs). ILECs are carriers that cover a specific area that have been in existence since the break up of AT&T into the regional Bell system.

Competitive local exchange carriers began in 1985, and can be carriers and resellers. CLECs have the tough task of attempting to compete with these companies. However, CLECs are frequently to offer better customer service and other amenities to their users than ILECs.

Often, legal advice can be immensely helpful to CLECs in entering these markets.

Representing and Advising Carriers and Resellers

If you are a telecom reseller or carrier company, it is critical that regulatory matters be properly handled and that agreements and transaction be well-negotiated and transpire as seamlessly as possible. Ben Bronston has more than 20 years of experience practicing telecommunications law, including representing carriers, prepaid calling card providers, and resellers. He understands the issues that can appear in the short or long-term and will always work to achieve your best interests. Contact us today at 888.469.0579 to discuss your legal needs with a seasoned professional.

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