Business Transactions

The most important aspect of your telecom business could very well be the ability to enter into vendor agreements, sign distribution contracts, obtain outside capital, borrow money, buy another business or eventually sell your business. Telecom transactions can be very complex. It is critical that all of your legal bases are covered. A skilled telecom attorney can handle your transactions to make sure your best interests are represented.

Lawyer for Telecom Business Transactions

Ben Bronston has more than two decades of experience in telecommunication law, and understands the issues telecom companies face with dealing with transactions. He is a nationally recognized expert in telecommunications law, and will assist you with your telecom transactions. Call today at 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation to discuss your transactions.

Experience with Telecommunications Transactions

Ben Bronston has substantial expertise in business transactional matters and provides a wide range of telecommunications contract drafting and negotiation services. He has drafted and/or negotiated a variety of commercial agreements on behalf of domestic and foreign telecommunications providers, including:

  • Reseller agreements with underlying service providers;
  • A wide range of carrier/customer agreements;
  • Distributor agreements for prepaid providers;
  • Wholesale service agreements;
  • Sales agent agreements for carriers, master sales agents and sales agents;
  • Stock and asset purchase agreements for carriers and agents;
  • Turnkey management agreements for long distance and wireless providers;
  • Licensing agreements; and
  • Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements.

As a telecom attorney, Ben Bronston regularly represents communications companies in diverse commercial transactions, including asset and stock purchases as well as public offerings. He also has substantial experience in the due diligence process involved in such transactions, as well as in obtaining regulatory approvals for such transactions before the FCC and state PSC/PUCs.

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