Ben Bronston – Telecom Lawyer Named a 2012 Telecom Association Recommended Vendor in the following category: Legal Services

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Ben Bronston – Telecom Lawyer’s, 2012 TA Recommended Vendor status is conferred upon him as a result of his 2011 Customers’ Choice Award nomination as the Best Telecom and Technology Lawyer in the same category.

Ben Bronston – Telecom Lawyer, Customer & Partner Testimonials

Testimonial #1         
Mordie Weintraub, President, Tel-Affinity Corporation

“I recently retained Ben Bronston and his firm to draft a contract for me. I was operating under stringent time constraints so he interviewed me immediately to determine my objectives, quickly identified the strengths and weaknesses of my position, and provided me with two versions of the contract I asked him to draft; a detailed and all-encompassing version that covered all possibilities and a simpler version that was appropriate for my short-term needs. Suffice it to say that I was very impressed. Not only is Ben knowledgeable and informative but he was incredibly easy to work with. While working on my project, it became apparent that he is also honest and honorable. He was also more reasonably priced than the other lawyers I approached. What more can you ask for? Subject area expertise, insight, speed, efficiency, honesty, and reasonable pricing. I recommend Ben with no reservations!” June 10, 2011

Testimonial #2
Rob Shelby
, Director Global Partner Program, Masergy Communications
“Ben Bronston has been a tremendous person to do business with in the partner community. He does an excellent job negotiating contracts with the best interest of his clients without losing site of the “partnership” within the agreement. Everyone wants what is best for their own interests but at the end of the day each party has to takes steps forward to strike a deal. As the channel community continues to grow into various industries every partner should seek the rewards of adding Ben to their team.” December 16, 2011

Testimonial #3         
Zane Long, National VP Indirect Channel, Cbeyond
“I have worked closely with Ben on several Master Agent contracts over the last 8 months, where he was representing his client (one of my prospective agents). Ben has been professional, fair in all of his negotiations and simply a pleasure to do business with. When I see an e-mail come in from Ben, with a red-line contract attached, I know it will be a quick and simple negotiation!! Thanks for all you great work!” December 16, 2011

Testimonial #4
Skip Lane
, Serial Telecom Entrepreneur, Revenue Velocity, (founder and former owner of NetworkOne, DirectLine and NUGO Networks)

“I have worked with Ben and his firm for over 15 yrs. He always provides excellent work at a fair price and is very responsive. Ben has a vast deep domain knowledge on all aspects of telecom and communications law. He has a great knowledge base of sales agency contracts and terms. I have used him for M&A transactions, agent contracts, buy sell agreements, carrier contracts, and general legal matters. He is as good as any larger law firm without the ivory tower prices. I still use his services today.”

Testimonial #5
Tatiana Finkelsteyn
, President, IQ Wired

“I have used several attorneys during my 10-year tenure as a business owner and recently engaged Ben for the first time to do a contract negotiation. Ben has all the basics covered: he is responsive, takes the time to understand the issues, thorough, efficient, and proactive in his communications. What really has elevated my experience with him is that he knows this industry inside and out. He has worked with companies exactly like mine, he knows the nuances of my business model, and as a result, the billable dollars went into producing the best deliverable possible rather than educating him on the basics. I would encourage anyone in telecom agent community to engage Ben – you’ll get great service as well as plug into the intellectual capital of multiple projects he has completed for other agencies.”;

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Ben Bronston – Telecom Lawyer, 888-469-0579

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