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Ben Bronston plays an active role in social media and enjoys sharing his knowledge with other legal professionals and business people within the telecommunications industry. He maintains an active presence on LinkedIn,, and in

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For over two decades, Ben Bronston has played an integral role in helping telecom businesses, from master agents to resellers, successfully navigate the often complex waters of contracts and regulatory compliance. His deep insight into state and federal regulations has been recognized by many industry associations and news outlets.

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Ben Bronston’s dedication to the needs of his clients and his real-world knowledge of telecommunications law have been recognized throughout the years by Telecom Association.


Telecommunications is a complex field, with many issues. At Ben Bronston – Telecom/IT Lawyer, we not only advise and represent telecom clients, we educate them on the law and what they are dealing with. In that regard, we have provided a few of the following resources to learn about telecommunications law.

Federal Communications Commission: The FCC is the federal body charged with overseeing telecommunications regulation.

Communications Act of 1934: The law established the Federal Communications Commission and was a comprehensive effort of regulating then-new forms of communication.

Telecommunications Act of 1996: This law, passed by Congress in 1996, updated the 1934 Act to reflect new technology.

National Telecommunications and Information Administration: This federal agency, a division of the Department of Commerce, advises the President on telecommunications issues.

Télécoms Sans Frontières: This international nonprofit organization works to assist with telecommunications in disasters.

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