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Telecom agents are independent sales representatives who do the critical work of connecting customers with the services they are seeking. Agents may deal directly with a service provider or serve as a sub-agent of a master agent. In any transaction involving agents or master agents, it is critically important to have qualified legal representation on your side.

Whether it is a relationship between an agent and service provider, agent and customer or agent and master agent, you want a solid agreement with your best interests represented. An attorney who understands these transactions and all the details involved is best able to deliver that for you, as well as advise you on any other legal issues that might arise.

Telecom Agent and Master Agent Lawyer

As your telecommunications lawyer, Ben Bronston will advise you and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best possible deal. He has represented large national master agents and numerous successful agents, as well as service providers and enterprise customers in transactions, negotiations, disputes, regulatory matters and many other issues. He will apply his expertise in telecommunication law to your legal issue, all while looking out for your best interests. Call Ben Bronston today at 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation.

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Having a Strong Agent-Provider Agreement

If you are an independent agent, having an agreement between you and the service provider in which your interests are protected is essential to your success. You must be the point person between the provider and your customers — you cannot let the provider interfere with your relationship with them. An agent-provider agreement too favorable to the provider could severely inhibit your ability to do business.

As your attorney, Ben Bronston will carefully review the contract for loopholes service providers can use to escape their obligations, and which could leave you hanging and severely impact your business. He will negotiate on your behalf for a contract that represents your best interests and will allow you to effectively conduct business and thrive.

A few critical clauses Ben Bronston will fight to obtain on your behalf for include:

  • Evergreen Clause
  • Termination for Cause, with ample opportunity to cure
  • Non-solicitation clause retaining to the right to continue service with your customers
  • A non-retroactivity clause that does not allow commission reductions
  • Non-circumvention to prevent the provider from going to customers directly
  • Mutuality/Reciprocity
  • Assignment
  • Sole Discretion in marketing or selling services
  • Exclusivity

Service provider agreements are not the only legal matters that are faced by agents. Depending on your type of business there may be a number of regulations that must be followed, and an experienced telecommunications lawyer can assist with any of these matters.

Representing Master Agents

Some commercial customers and some service providers prefer to work through master agents. Master agents can sometimes offer a greater level of project management, making them more attractive to larger companies. Agents may also prefer to work for a master agent due to increased benefits and protections.

If you are a master agent, you face many of the same issues as an independent in negotiating agreements with service providers, however, the stakes may be even higher because of the high volume you may be dealing with. This is why it’s important to have an airtight agreement that reflects your best interests.

An Attorney for Service Providers

If you are a service provider, you will be signing agreements with agents and master agents to go out and sell your services. The way those contracts are written will deeply impact the profits you make.

You should have an attorney on your side who has worked with agents and has a vast understanding of agent-service provider relationships, and who will also look out for your best interests and help negotiate a contract that puts your company in the best possible position to succeed.

A Skilled Negotiator for Agents and Master Agents

Agents play a critical role in the telecommunication industry, and it’s very important that they are able to negotiate contracts that enable them to work with customers and sell service providers’ product. Ben Bronston is an experienced telecom lawyer who represents agents, master agents and service providers in any legal matter they might face. Call 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation and review your options today.

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